June 25, 2017

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Advertising Opportunities

Would you like to expand your advertising reach for less money?

Advertise NOW on one (or more) of our Calaveras Transit buses!

Why advertise on Calaveras Transit buses?

    • Bus advertising is a great way to reach the general public; your ad can’t be turned off.
    • Calaveras Transit serves most communities in Calaveras County.  Out-of-county destinations include Jackson, Sonora and Stockton.
    • Let your brand make impressions all over the region. 
    • Reach an audience of all ages, backgrounds and incomes. 
    • Your advertisement becomes a moving billboard, seen by pedestrians and vehicles from multiple directions, simultaneously. 
    • Large, colorful designs demand attention!  Contact us and design your ad today! 


Advertising starts at only $100 per month.

Choose your preferred advertising location:
              Rear of bus, driver side windows, or passenger side windows.                                                                            


Advertising Policy

Fill out the simple

Bus Advertising Space Agreement

Calaveras Transit currently runs nine buses.  You can advertise on one bus, or all nine.  Call us at (209) 754-6402 for more information today.  Let us help your business GROW!

Hosted By Calaveras County
Calaveras Transit is operated by the Calaveras County Department of Public Works and funded through the Transportation Development Act.
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